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About Our Instructors

Krista Johnson, Music instructor

Krista Johnson

Krista is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a vocalist. She has been accompanying, performing, conducting, and teaching for more than 30 years. Krista specializes in developing a personalized music program for each student, drawing from her wide experience. She teaches young learners through adults.

Krista is on a life-long pursuit of musical mastery. In addition to weekly instruction, she attends pedagogy conferences, assesses new curriculum, implements technology-based tools to accelerate our students’ musical competencies, performs publicly, and holds free training for choral conductors

She recently assessed at the top 1% of the world’s professional pianists who have completed the Standardized Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR), a feat indeed. 😊

When not collecting music or instruments, she enjoys traveling and early morning walks with her husband and their dog.

Jamie Magda, Music instructor

Jamie Magda

Jamie's career has encompassed a wide range of roles: performer, teacher, vocal coach and conductor. She studied Vocal Performance / Theater at U. of Kansas, and Music, Dance and Theater at Brigham Young University.

She has 25 years experience teaching children and adults locally, and with Horizon Charter, and performing with organizations including Sacramento Valley Choral Society and Music Circus. She has organized and conducted community musicals.

Jamie’s students love her and parents rave about her teaching. She is a rare soul who loves what she does and celebrates every step forward with her students.

Waverly Johnson, Music instructor

Waverly Johnson

Waverly is a true find! She is a former nanny and loves working with “littles.” She is pursuing her degree in early childhood education while teaching with us. She is perfect for our WunderKeys® and KiddyKeys® curriculum. Your kids will sing, drum, clap, and get a little silly, as they learn all about the piano and music with Waverly. She also teaches private piano for beginners.

When Waverly is not channeling her inner-child, she enjoys trying out new recipes and spending time with her husband.