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Preschool Music Classes

KiddyKeys® Piano Foundation

Available for ages 3-5

Your preschool/TK-aged kids will learn about music and the piano in a story-based, play-centered learning environment. Play is work for kids, and we play and sing a lot every week! This is a year-long curriculum, and classes begin every quarter. We offer a free month of lessons, so you can see for yourself why kids love this class. Sign up for your free month today, and your kids will become KiddyKeys® Stars!

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Preschool Prodigies® Singing & Music Exploration

Available for ages 3-5

Kids are born to sing! We all learn by hearing and repeating before ever reading. So we start with singing and ringing. They go hand-in-hand to train kids to sing with perfect pitch. Plus, we use interactive play and singing games to help kids do the business of learning by play and learning to making sound in tune. We play bells, boomwhackers, rhythm instruments and more in this activity-based class. We use Do-Re-Mi (solfege) and hand signs because movement is essential to learning at this age. Come sing, play, and become a preschool prodigy! Schedule your child’s first class today

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